Wellbeing and Mental Health

All evidence points to the simple fact that happy employees are more effective employees.  But how do you improve the happiness of your workforce. 

Strategic wellbeing programmes

At Flourish we believe passionately in enabling your people to be the best they can be through positive wellbeing and mental health.  We work with organisations to define wellbeing objectives linked to business strategy and implement wellbeing programmes which focus on environment, culture, mindset and capability.


Driving wellbeing culture change

Changing the wellbeing environment and people's wellbeing habits requires culture change.  We support organisations in driving this change through multi-directional approaches, including:

  • Leadership development

  • Creation and facilitation of wellbeing advocate networks

  • Wellbeing communication plans and resources

Building capability through wellbeing and resilience training

Our interactive and engaging wellbeing and resilience training and courses are always tailored to the unique needs of your workforce.


Courses include:

Personal Resilience

Building capacity to cope with pressure in a sustainable and healthy way

Life in the fast lane

Personal wellbeing and energy management for busy people

Mental Health Awareness

Building awareness about mental health issues; breaking down myths and stigma and encouraging people to talk more openly.  Courses available for individuals or line managers.

Stronger together

Team building for groups facing pressure or change

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