Diversity and Inclusion

The arguments for creating a diverse talent pool which reflects society and your organisation's customer based are strong.  More diverse organisations tend to be more creative and more successful.  

Diversity evaluation of selection practices

 We conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis of current selection processes, practices and materials to identify and address the cause of any adverse impact against particular groups, include gender, ethnicity, age and disability.

Unconscious bias training

Focused workshops for recruiters, interviewers and hiring managers on how unconscious bias can create invisible barriers of entry and inhibit the organisation's potential to be as inclusive.

Return to work programmes

We understand the challenge of returning to work after maternity leave.  It can be difficult both practically and emotionally.  But, with women making up half of the workforce, organisations need to be able to support their female talent in making the effective transition back into the workplace.

We offer:


  • In depth reviews of current practices to identify barriers and opportunities for improvement

  • One-to-one or group development programmes to support parents (mostly mothers, but fathers are encouraged too) in adjusting to combine work and parenthood in a fulfilling and successful way. 

Rock Balancing
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