About Us

Katie Dodsworth BSc MSc C.Psychol

Co-founding Managing Director                                                     


Katie is a Chartered Psychologist with an MSc in Occupational Psychology and a post graduate diploma in Human Resource Management.  Katie has worked as a consultant for 18 years, specialising in helping organisations to get the most out of their workforce through effective selection, development, retention and organisational change strategies and programmes.  She has extensive experience within the areas of assessment, recruitment and talent management and also wellbeing and engagement; with these two primary fields combining as a focus on delivering success through employee experience.


A firm believer in the power of positivity, Katie works with individuals, teams and whole organisations to leverage their strengths as a means to bringing out the best in people and enabling them to perform to their full potential, even in the face of adversity.  She has a particular interest in supporting people to Flourish through change; be that organisational change or significant life events (such as entering the workforce, returning to work after maternity leave or facing redundancy)

Martin Dodsworth

Co-founding Director


Martin is a former oil tanker broker who now, as a personal trainer and martial arts coach, applies his passion and experience of using exercise to manage stress and mental health.  Having experienced the significant psychological impact of working in an environment ill suited to personal goals and values, Martin is a living embodiment of the ethos of Flourish; life is too short to be in a job or career that is making you unhappy.



As a non-practising Director for Flourish, Martin can mainly be found behind the scenes, doing finance and marketing activities.  He also advises on the physical health elements of the wellbeing and resilience programmes Flourish offers.


For further information on the personal training and martial arts coaching work which Martin does, please visit Aim Health and Fitness